SINGAPORE, March 2021 – Award-winning content creation, distribution and licensing studio
One Animation is heading to MIPTV 2021 with Abigail’s Tales (52×11’), a fun and
surprising new preschool CG series that playfully takes existing fairy tales and fables and brings
a whole new side (and ending) to every story, discovered through the eyes of 6-year-
old, Abigail. The series is currently in development and is set to be delivered in late 2022.

With the unwavering support of her best friends, Boomer and Bing (a polar bear and penguin),
Abigail and her friends travel to faraway worlds where they see the fairy tales taking place, meet
the characters, and unearth a whole new side to every story through their keen observations.
Created, produced and distributed by One Animation, Abigail’s Tales gives a modern
sensibility to fairy tales with more relevant takeaways, happier endings, and greater diversity
and gender representation for today’s preschoolers.

Abigail, an inquisitive puzzle-solver who is never afraid to ask questions and find out more, will
encourage the seeking of knowledge and understanding, while reinforcing social values like
honesty, empathy, and teamwork. Whether applied to the playground and/or to a future for
today’s children growing up surrounded by misleading news from an overwhelming number of
sources, Abigail’s Tales will organically encourage young viewers to ask questions, gather
information and learn there may be more to the story than first meets the eye.

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