SINGAPORE, 8 December 2020 – Award-winning content creation, distribution and licensing
studio One Animation’s globally loved preschool brand Oddbods is heading to apparel retailer
Zeeman this month. Across its 500 stores in the Netherlands, Zeeman will launch an Oddbods
kids’ hosiery range created by The Cookie Company which features socks and homeboots.

To celebrate the launch, Zeeman will host geo-targeted social media posts highlighting the new
Oddbods products, and also promote the range via its website and consumer communications.

Rob Spindley, SVP Business Development at One Animation, said: “Oddbods has a strong
global broadcast presence and a rapidly growing fan-base in the Netherlands. We’re very
excited to build upon this success and see Cookie Company’s colourful and eye-catching range
of Oddbods products launch at Zeeman – we’re sure it will be a huge hit with fans and also
make an ideal gift this Christmas.”

Sabine Hulsman, MD at The Cookie Company Group, added “The Cookie Company Group is
so thrilled that Zeeman acknowledged the power of the Oddbods brand and is not missing out
on the hottest YouTube brand for kids ever! Online content is the future and together with our
customer Zeeman, we are on it!”

Oddbods is available in the Netherlands on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Boomerang,
Nickelodeon, Google Play and iTunes. The series also garners impressive YouTube figures in
the market with over 11 million minutes of content a month being watched on the platform,
reaching 40.9% of all kids aged 2-6 in the Netherlands. The existing local consumer products
programme also includes Speelgoedland, Texco, Ben Veldkamp and DP Factory.

Oddbods is a globally loved, three-time Emmy Award-nominated, non-dialogue comedy
featuring seven adorable, highly unique pals. Together, despite their differences, they survive
the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected,
extraordinary, and always humorous events. The quirky but totally charming Oddbods
celebrate individuality in a funny, warm and unexpected way. After all, there’s a little odd in
everyone! Oddbods’ innovative app “Oddbods Oddlife”, designed with facial recognition
technology to help kids learn healthy habits, has recently been nominated for a Kidscreen
Award in the Best Game App – Original category.

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