2nd October 2017; CG Animation studio, One Animation, the global team behind ODDBODS, are taking dedicated space at Brand Licensing Europe for the first time.

The animated comedic non-dialogue sketch show, broadcasts in over 100 countries around the world, on free-to-air as well as paid-for channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network and BBC Kids.

One Animation CEO, Sashim Parmanand enthuses; ”Brand Licensing Europe is perfect timing for us to showcase our successes and ambitious growth plans.  2017 has been an incredible year for us so far, with tentpole events including a worldwide roll out of Oddbods on NETFLIX, a global launch on Amazon Prime’s streaming service and a deal with FERRERO which sees 30 million Kinder Surprise Eggs now hitting the market in a brand partnership, unlocking exclusive and interactive mobile content for our devoted fanbase.”

Joining Sashim Parmanand at the show, will be Will Ochoa, Licensing Director for Europe and North America, who is spearheading new developments in consumer products across FMCG, apparel, lifestyle and gaming categories, including an apparel range for Primark and also the new master toy range for 2018, of which there will be sneak-peaks and highlights at the show.

Oddbods is all about unexpected twists, fun and humour and as a result there will be a number of aspirational unconventional partnerships launching shortly.  To discuss brand partnerships and licensing opportunities please contact info@oneanimation.com to make an appointment at the show or make a beeline for Stand B47!

About One Animation

Founded in 2008, One Animation is a CG Animation studio and consumer products.  With an international team of award winning talent, the company has produced a vast portfolio of highly successful animation titles that are broadcast on global networks such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Amazon and seen across over 100 countries worldwide. Dedicated to developing the highest quality, family-focused TV, film and new media content, the team continues to push the boundaries of production; building upon a unique pipeline that delivers the highest quality productions with shorter than average production schedules and a crew that is typically one-third the size of a traditional CGI animation production  team.  For more information, please visit us at www.oneanimation.com

About Oddbods

Oddbods is a globally loved, multi-award winning, non-dialogue comedy show featuring seven very different, sometimes battling pals.  Together, despite their differences, they survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events.  Turning different into a positive, the madcap but totally charming Oddbodscelebrate individuality in a funny, warm and unexpected way taking success where they find it.

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