LONDON, 14TH FEBRUARY 2018 – Australia’s biggest sports organisation, the Australian Football League (AFL), has teamed up with Emmy nominated globally acclaimed, Oddbods for the launch of the ‘AFL Beginner’s Guide to Footy’ later this month.

With the objective of bringing new fans into the sport, the partnership fully integrates the Oddbods brand across the AFL’s communication platforms using exclusive content, including three pieces of bespoke Oddbods animation that each highlight the unique rules and inclusive culture of the beloved sport in the Oddbods’ inimitable humorous way.

Look out for in-stadium screenings, in-school activations, digital channel integration, club and player collaborations, on-ground events and more starring the seven loveable, highly unique Oddbods characters: From sports-mad Fuse to super-cool Slick, even lazybones Zee will be getting in on the act!

“The AFL and Oddbods are the perfect fit; both brands embrace individuality, fun and teamwork. Partnering with the AFL on this initiative allows us to interact with Oddbods fans in a whole new and meaningful way against the exciting backdrop of Australia’s national game.” comments Anabel Higgin, Marketing Director of One Animation, the studio behind the show.

“Australian Football is a big part of this country’s family life, with adults and kids of all ages watching on TV, in stadium, or participating themselves in community programs and local leagues,” AFL Head of Programs and Market Development, Alistair Dobson said. “We fully expect the Oddbods partnership to bring plenty of fun to Australian Football and are very much looking forward to it!”

About One Animation

Founded in 2008, One Animation is a CG Animation studio and consumer products company.  With an international team of award winning talent, the company has produced a portfolio of highly successful animation titles that are broadcast on global networks such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Amazon Prime and seen across over 120 countries worldwide. Dedicated to developing the highest quality, family-focused TV, film and new media content, the team continues to push the boundaries of production; building upon a unique pipeline that delivers the highest quality productions with shorter than average production schedules and a crew that is typically one-third the size of a traditional CGI animation production team.  For more information, please visit us at

About Oddbods

Oddbods is a globally loved, multi-award winning, Emmy nominated non-dialogue comedy show featuring seven very different, quirky pals. Together, they survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events.

About the AFL

The AFL is Australia’s premier sporting organisation supporting a constantly evolving national competition for both men and women.  The AFL currently has 680 permanent employees and is responsible for growing and developing Australian Football across Australia. Australian Football has its origins in Australia, having its first match being played in August 1858 in Melbourne. The AFL’s elite men’s competition is made up of 18 clubs competing for a seasonal title and the inaugural NAB AFL Women’s competition, began in February 2017 and is made up of eight clubs. In 2017, total participation of the game in Australia was over 1.5 million people.

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