They’re inculpable, they’re incomparable, they’re incredible, they’re the … Insectibles!

Prepare to enter a world of micro proportions with macro adventures, when Grandpa’s invention accidentally shrinks both Zak and Grandpa down to the size of insects. With the aid of one bionic arm and three ‘enhanced’ insect friends – Syd, Chowser and Willow, they are the Insectibles and find themselves facing challenges beyond their wildest dreams. They bravely trek through grass blade forests and fight the evil mecha-mosquito Adilla with her daughter, Lidia, her faithful servant Gnat and a whole platoon of bodybuilding cockroaches. Can Zak and Grandpa find a way to un-shrink themselves before Adilla gets to them?


3D Animated Adventure Comedy TV Series

52 x 11 Season 1

Target Audience:
Boys, 6 – 9 years

news and awards

2016 Asia Apollo Awards

Best in 3D Animation

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