Dialogue-free, fun-filled Animation Proves Big Hit in TV Ratings

10th May 2016: THE quirky, crazy characters from animated TV comedy, Oddbods, are proving a massive hit, according to the latest data revealing which kids shows are rising in popularity and dominating ratings.

In the UK Oddbods is one of the CiTV’s top five shows of 2016 so far, and the series has been viewed over 6 million times. Data for 2015 also places Oddbods as one of the highest rated kid’s TV shows of the year in the UK, even though it didn’t make its debut there until last autumn.

“Every so often animated characters come along whom everyone just seems to fall in love with,” comments Trudi Hayward, SVP Head of Global Merchandise at ITVS GE. “In the past this has been iconic characters such as Tom and Jerry, or in more recent times the highly successful Minions. Characters and shows like these have a universal appeal because of their conceptual simplicity combined with good old-fashioned fun.

“Oddbods, which celebrates all the ‘oddness’ in everyday life, is certainly one of these types of show, not least because of the fantastic quality of storytelling and cinema-quality production. But also because the slap-stick, dialogue free concept works so brilliantly for the multi-screen generation.

“The team here fell in love with it when we first saw it, and we knew that kids, who love and relate very easily to quirky and slightly bonkers characters anyway, would love it too. It is gratifying that the latest ratings data has proven us absolutely right.”

The fun-filled show is currently airing across the globe in its 46 x 5 and 224 x 1 minute formats. A longform 60 x 7 minutes format will premiere in the UK in early summer. It is also available on social media platforms, including Youtube where it has clocked up over 110million views to date.

Oddbods is a special show to the team at One Animation team. It makes us laugh as much as the audience it is created for, not least because each Oddbod is a celebration of the crazy little personality traits evident in everyone, whatever age they are, or culture or society they come from. The commitment and verve which the production team bring to the show shines through – they’ve created something really quite special.” comments Sashim Parmanand, CEO of One Animation, the studio behind the Oddbods production.

Over the course of winter 2015/16 One Animation made a series of announcements relating to partnerships and deals it has signed to expand the Oddbods brand into a range of licensed merchandise from plush toys and playsets, to apparel and gifting.

“We’re focused now on maximizing the impact the show can make across a range of platforms and are looking forward to making some further announcements relating to this shortly,” concludes Sashim.

Oddbods is a cinema-quality animated TV comedy sketch-show following the antics of seven adorably odd characters from the sleepy ‘Zee’ to the angry ‘Fuse’. Viewers are invited into a world of laugh-out-loud mishaps and slap stick situations as the Oddbods go about their daily lives in Oddsville.

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Notes about the data:

All data has been collected from BARB. ‘6 million views’ refers to the number of individuals viewing at least three times. And the rankings of Oddbods in 2015 and 2016 is based on data collected for viewers who are boys aged 4-9yrs old.



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